• Text to DJ
    • DJ your next party with text messages [Link]
  • Google Taxonomy Classifier
    • Automatically classify any product into Google’s product taxonomy based on its description [Link]
  • Quora Tweeter
    • Set up a Twitter account to tweet the most interesting questions on Quora each day [Link]
  • Stubhub Scraper
    • Collect concert ticket data for thousands of events across the US [Link]


  • CallScout
    • 1st Place/$100K Winner of IBM Watson Competition [Demo] [Press]
  • What Does McDonald’s Say About Your City?
    • Exploring Yelp reviews to predict diabetes rates [Link]
  • Evaluating Approximations for Traveling Salesman Problem
  • Improving Fuel Cell Electrolyte Efficiency
    • 2009 Siemens Competition Semifinalist [Paper]